Thursday, April 12, 2018


Our UK trip will incomplete if we didnt come to Manchester. 
The main purpose of us coming to the UK was to visit my twin sister who is living in manchester. Therefore,manchester is definitely a must-visit place in our toplist. Not much places we were able to cover in view of  time constraint ( me and my husband only managed to take leaves for 10days), but we were more than delighted and exhilarated for getting these opportunity to visit gatwick,london,liverpool and of course manchester. Always be grateful and we shall not be worried about our sustenance. HE, The One and Only Allah swt will always make sure that our rezeki is adequate to all of us. Yang penting syukur selalu, shall we? 

Brisk walking is a must when u come here. This explained why most of their people are lean and slim. Im definitely not one of them haha. Malaysian always have this prob --> oversized thigh, butt and arm.sigh.

We are at the city centre of manchester. U cannot separate manchester from its football.They are like a conjoint twin.


I hope Julia is enjoying rolling on the uk grass =p

In front of the brittania hotel. They preserve their ancient building,and this is one of the reason why they always stand out from others.

Right after we touched town to manchester, we came here ( to one of the malaysian's crib)  since she was hosting  a housewarming feast. Jazakallah to the person. Semoga murah rezeki. The food was delish.

Twin mommies with kiddos ( ayra still in the gravid uterus at this time hehe)


Me with my amazing mom in law. A great woman with a beautiful  soul. Love u mak.We hope u really enjoyed this vacation.

Our litte family.

My all time fave. Dah la murah

Entertain the kiddos 

Her behaviour changed 360' once we arrived in the uk hehe

Tranquility. Thank you for the great stay wani and abg wan.

Handsome boy declined my request to take pic haha

Julia zahra and her abi heading to rusholme for dinner

Im having a severe toothache,hence explained the swollen face haha 

Whitworth park. Worth as the name.

My formal photographer in the UK. 

Now i knew how i will look like with two children =p

Chill city centre. I really love the buildings

Twin in action. I shall say triplet bcoz Julia is included as well =P

Relaxation at its best (^.^)

Monday, April 9, 2018


Has anyone of you watch drama-series so called 'Cinta antara benua' ? 
The shooting was done in london city, more than 20 years ago.A group of malaysian students were studying in the london city, where all the up and downs happened in their journey ( love-hate relationship,friendship and some of them even involved in the drug abuse).
And to tell u the truth, it was the first drama ever that inspired me to study hard so that i can pursue my study overseas.Lol ( how a malay drama carried big influence in my life). Anyhow, im grateful to Allah swt for granted me opportunity to study overseas ( i flew to india eventually). Things might go different ways if im not flying to india. Always bear in mind, that on top of all, Allah is always the greatest planner. This is what i called as my destiny.

So when i first stepped my foot in london city last year ( april 2017), i feel so surreal. I have been dreaming to visit london with my loved ones and Allah has granted us with rezeki to travel and to appreciate part of HIS CREATIONS ( the amazing scenery, the beautiful weather, so on and so forth ). Subhanallah. Without HIS will, we wont be able to accomplish this memorable vacation. Alhamdulillah,

Here it goes, our pictures taken at the amazing London city. =)

   Love Love Love at Tower bridge.


Meet the famous and prominet Big Ben


   The struggle is Look how julia tried to escape.


Crawling next to the tower bridge

                  Cruising with love


The spectacular tower bridge


        At Leceister square


     At Westminster abbey



Can you spot the london bridge?


Queuing for london eye.What a long queue. Those with children must ensure they are stuffed with food beforehand


 Westminster pier


 The huge capsule that can accomodate more than 20 persons


   Inside the capsule of the london eye. Those with acrophobia better think twice.


Double extra effort to cuddle this little bear


Me still feel surreal.Lol

Snugged down while enjoying the spectacular views


  Overshadow the london eye. Lol


When im the only one who is excited for photos


  Trafalgar square


          Trafalgar square


Not easy to get picture together


My beloved husband and my beloved mother-in-law


  London at night.


  Julia with her favourite flash card inside the capsule.


   Fortunately shes yet to walk during the vacation. Otherwise i cannot imagine haha


  Cruising from St Catherine pier to Westminster pier. Look how julia enjoyed the evening breeze.



Our UK trip will incomplete if we didnt come to Manchester.  The main purpose of us coming to the UK was to visit my twin sister who is ...