Sunday, March 21, 2010

~baju grad twin saye =)

sooner,my lovely twin will be graduating frm UIA..owh, i'm sooo much excited..hehe, aku lak yg lebih2,pdhl org lain yg nk grad..wutever it is, im hepi for her..she'll be starting to work soon i guess....plan her savings and probably get married thereafter....jgn marah ye ni syg...this is what we called as planning cycle..ala2 subject community medicine gitu...hoho...and as a loyal supporter of her, i've bought her a gojes dress material of cream and maroon colour..chiffon type..cntik tau kwn2....hrga pon boleh tahan..xpe la, sekali seumur kan dpt ape salah menggumbirakan hati insan2 tersayang kan...(^.^)

p/s : camne cik wani syg...adekah anda mnyukai kain ini...saye jatuh hati pada kain ini tau..=)


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